DNA Testing


Why Are So Many People Requesting DNA Testing?​

There are any number of reasons why someone would want to get a DNA test, including:

  • Paternity "Whose my daddy test"
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal "​Know the daddy before the baby is born test"
  • Maternity  "is this the right baby I brought home from the hospital test?"
  • Family Relationships  "Are these identical or fraternal twins? Half or full sibling? Biological grandparents or aunt/uncle?"
  • Immigration DNA testing "can establish a biological relationship with a US resident or citizen"
  • A DNA Profile "records your or your child's personal Genetic Fingerprint" 
  • DNA Banking " Secure storage of DNA sample for 15 years"

Do I need a legal or personal knowledge paternity DNA test?

A legal DNA paternity test will stand up in court while a personal DNA paternity test is for personal peace of mind. We can help you decide which type of testing will meet your needs. 

Should I use a home kit or come to the office for a professional collection?

​A legal test or prenatal test is done in our office or at a collection site we set up for you.  A personal peace of mind test can be completed in office or with a home test kit. See our home test kit page for information on collecting the specimen yourself by mouth swab. There are many options so please call us with your questions.

​Participants in a DNA test can be tested in different locations.  We have an international network of collection sites for in-office collections or a home kit can be mailed to more than one location.